Love Yourself Better® Cap

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Below Body is more than just a brand; it's a movement celebrating the divine synergy between love and well-being. Our exclusive natural eggshell-coloured cap, inscribed with 'Love yourself better®', encapsulates a powerful message that resonates deep within the soul of every woman.

This mantra and tag-line serves a dual purpose: firstly, it emphasises the profound connection between intimate self-love and genuine wellness (feeling better), allowing you to cherish moments of self-reflection and inner peace. Secondly, it embodies our unwavering commitment to pioneer a new era where self-love isn't just an act, but a lifestyle.

By adorning yourself with our cap, you're not just making a fashion statement; you're embracing a promise to indulge in intimate moments that truly light up your world. Let's journey together in making self-love the ultimate form of self-care.


    Australian designed cap made from 100% natural cotton.

    One size fits all.

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    For soul-nourishing intimacy

    Our products are consciously designed to elevate your intimacy and self-love rituals. Nurture yourself or indulge with a partner - the choice is yours. Each of our products are organic, natural, sustainable and ethically made, so you can enjoy a better kind of pleasure.