Doing things differently

A new take on wellness

Why we're here

Wellness isn't just how we eat, move or look - it's also about how we feel. How we connect with others. How we love ourselves. Below Body was born to create a new era of wellness - one that puts self-love and intimacy at the centre.

Welcome to a new era of wellness

Doing things differently

Below Body is about wellness - but not as you know it. We focus on bringing intimacy to the forefront as a key part of living a well, healthy life. By combining understated, beautiful product designs with natural, organic ingredients, we're bringing intimacy and wellness together (with the modern woman in mind). To make things even better, we're challenging industry norms by providing sustainable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products.

For women, by women

Below Body is proudly female-founded and female-focused. It all began when our founder noticed a distinct lack of understated, modern, intimate products on the market. But that was just the beginning - she soon realised there was also a clear separation between the pleasure industry and wellness industry, when they should actually be interconnected. Below Body was born to create a beautiful, modern intimacy brand for women that highlights pleasure as pillar of wellness.

Intimacy for the modern woman

Our values


We want to empower women to deepen their connection to themselves, take control of their wellbeing, and indulge in whatever form of self-love they're craving.


You deserve to know what you're putting in and on your body - that's why we're completely transparent about our ingredients, suppliers and manufacturing.


Our goal is for you to discover a deeper connection to yourself (and your partner) through our products. We want you to find what feels good, and to learn more about yourself through self-love.


We’re creating a brand that not only speaks to the modern, everyday woman - but is also created by a modern, everyday woman. We keep things approachable and welcoming - because that's how wellness should be.

Helping the planet and its people

At Below Body, we love creating modern wellness products, but we also love creating a positive impact on the earth. As an Australian owned and made company, we proudly work with local manufacturers, helping us with quality control and reducing our environmental footprint.

Our production facility is accredited with GMP ISO 22716 certification and is also Australian Certified Organic. Our manufacturing supply chain facility is also accredited with the leading ethical trade membership organiation SEDEX SMETA 4 PILLAR.

We've also partnered with 1% for the Planet and One Tree Planted, which means every sale not only helps you feel good - it also helps to do good.

We partner with


Giving back a percentage of our profits


Planting trees for every order

Behind the brand


We wanted to create more than a brand - we wanted to create a lifestyle. Every part of our identity comes together to tell our story. The flowing, curved letters of our logo show the organic, feminine side to our brand - and the unique letter connections represent one of our main brand values. As an intimacy and wellness brand, we want you to deeply explore your connection to yourself - and to others - through our products.


'Love yourself better™' - three words that represent everything we stand for. Our tagline can be read in two different ways: one way touches on the link between intimacy (love) and wellness (feeling better), and the other describes our mission to create a new era of self-love by indulging in intimate moments that light you up.

The illustrations

You'll notice a collection of abstract symbols as you shop with us. Each one has been created to represent a different part of the Below Body ethos. We use these symbols to communicate across our brand, and to create one-of-a-kind art pieces. The symbols are organic and natural with a modern touch - all things we reflect in our business.