Perfect Pair: Vibrate + Stimulate

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This bundle pairs our best-selling, soft-touch external Vibrate and Stimulate aphrodisiac oil 50mL.

When Paired together this duo becomes unstoppable.


All Ingredients are Natural and Organic. Made in Australia. For a detailed ingredients list please visit each product page separately.

Vibrate has been designed in-house to have a minimal, modern look and maximum impact. Created with 100% silicon-based materials, Vibrate is velvety soft, waterproof and ultra-ergonomic. We created Vibrate for high levels of focused stimulation. Use externally on any erogenous zone and find a speed that feels good. Perfect to add to your personal intimate playtime or to use with a partner for even deeper sensations.

Stimulate is the perfect companion whether you're enjoying solo self-love or you're with a partner. The natural botanicals in our oil increase blood flow, helping to create a warming sensation. We love applying Stimulate around the vaginal area for maximum sensation, heightened arousal and increased self-lubrication. Just a few drops of this oil and you'll experience its enticing, pleasurable effects. The warm, sweet, delicately spiced scent creates an intimate, blissful atmosphere.

What makes Stimulate oil so popular?

Stimulate is made of 100% natural botanical ingredients and essential oils. It may help to increase arousal levels and intimacy with partners or solo - plus, it's safe and pleasurable to use during oral sex. It does not dry out the Below Body area the oil is applied to.

Who should use Stimulate oil?

Stimulate is perfect for females of all ages that are looking to increase their sensations during partnered sex or by themselves. It's also ideal if you're looking to increase the frequency of your orgasms.

Can I use Vibrate with lubricant?

We recommend using Vibrate with our Stimulate oil or a water-based lubricant. Avoid using with silicone lubricants as it will degrade the silicone.

Is Vibrate waterproof?

Vibrate is 100% water-resistant and can be used in the shower and bath. Vibrate should not be fully submerged.

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